Message of the Commandant

Central Workshop and Stores popularly known as CENWOSTO is providing engineering and ordnance support to Border Security Force. With the inception of BSF in 1965, CENWOSTO was raised in 1966. Over these four decades, the Cenwosto with remarkable speed has, welded itself into a fine and efficient organisation. It is imbued with requisite zeal and determination by ingenuity and moves with the rapidly changing technological environment. The comeraderie and the esprit de corps generated over these 40 years, have built up traditions and relationships of a lasting kind. There has sustained amongst its workers the concept of honour, courage, fidelity to the organization, professional integrity and pride in developing technical skills. Cenwosto has designed, developed and have been manufacturing Tear Gas Guns and Multi Barrel Launchers ( MBL Agnivarsha ) for Central Police Organisations State Police Organisations. It is worth mentioning that MBL (Agniversha) of CENWOSTO has found a room in the Janes Book on Police weapons.

The CENWOSTO is responsible for providing maintenance and first class repairs cover upto factory level of all small arms, amn and optical instruments which are in use in BSF. It renders advise on inspection, repairs, trials and manufacturing of all types of small arms components to all small Arms workshops of the Frontiers/Trg Institutions. It is involved in many research and development projects.

The logistic function of Cenwosto involves the mechanics of procurement of all Ord stores to maintain an effective and vigilant Force. The inventory management functions involve procurement, receipt, accounting, storage, issue, transportation and disposal of all types of ordnance stores.

Cenwosto caters for training of technicians like Armourers, Amn store technicians and Instruments mechanics. It procures a wide range of stores from ordnance factories and public sector undertakings. It taps civil industry and market for a large range of raw material and small arms components.

We sharpen the tooth nail of the Border Security Force.


          K S RANA